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Dainese Manis T Back Protector Dainese Manis T Back Protector Vroomy - Portland, OR, USA 5 out of 5 stars For one-piece race suits ONLY - best around! "I've been using the Dainese Wave full-length back protector (with the extra scapular wings) for several years now, and it has always provided good protection at the cost of comfort. The old aluminum honeycomb impact material really soaks impact, but it is rigid and unyielding when pressed against your back. Small price to pay for not just blunt impact protection, but piercing protection as well (I've witnessed what happens when a shifter hits someone square in the back at-speed). It was always a choice between the comfort of an impact-only protector from Forcefield (great back protector, but doesn't provide any puncture protection), or the rigid discomfort of the Dainese ABS plastic and aluminum Wave shells. Well no longer! With the Manis line of back protectors, Dainese has scrapped the inflexible aluminum honeycomb in favor of high-impact foam, like what is used in the soft-shell back protectors. On top of this, they have continued to provide superior puncture protection and impact dissipation with an over-lapping plastic shell, held together with stretchy-yet-durable elastic at the edges. When you first put the protector on, it feels a bit awkward, but as it settles into the contours of your back, you forget it's there. The foam molds to fit your back without inhibiting movement, while the sliding plates adjust and move with you, rather than binding you up. The judicious perforation throughout the panels allows a surprising amount of airflow to move from the back of your suit, through and across your back. The only drawback to this protector is its thickness. While it is not quite as thick as some of the other all-foam offerings out there, it's noticeably thicker than the Dainese Wave series. If your suit is already stuffed full with the thinner Wave spine protector, this one will - at least at first - make your suit a bit tighter around the middle. It does relax out once the foam has molded into you, but some people may end up finding this piece simply too much to fit the space. I wear my suit pretty snug, and it was a minor fight to get it situated at first, but after a few races and some practice with positioning, everything fit perfectly. Highly recommended."
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