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Chase Harper Tail Trunk Chase Harper Tail Trunk Yamadon - Mission Viejo, CA, USA 5 out of 5 stars Love this bag! "Chase Harper makes a GREAT bag. Big enough to carry everything I need for a day ride. Including a spare face shield. Have gotten several compliments about it's looks. And the Lifetime Warranty is for real. Had an issue with the zipper after around 5-6 years. Even though I could not find my reciept they fixed it for free."
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Chase Harper Tool Roll Chase Harper Tool Roll AltitudeRider - NM, Dirtbike Heaven! 5 out of 5 stars Good tool roll "I ordered this roll because I have another one just like. The original roll has been through thousands of miles of some pretty rough offroad. I like the layout and the material has held up real well. The zipper broke after about 3 years of abuse. Probably because I kept stuffing too much stuff in the zipped compartment. I replace it with a metal YKK zipper and it's now better than before. Durable tool roll."
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