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BikeMaster Lithium Ion Battery BikeMaster Lithium Ion Battery Over50b - "Battery fit perfectly in my 14 350EXC and is super light. Starts great even in gear."
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BikeMaster Lithium Ion Battery BikeMaster Lithium Ion Battery neal - acworth ga bikemaster ion battery "this is my second bikemaster lithium ion battery, First one for my old vtr 1000 3 months no problems holds 13.3 volts a bit more than when it was new. Second one went into my 07 fjr1300abs, fjr is a bit heavy so 5or 6 pounds less top heavy helps. Very small gripe.Terminals need a small shim to go under the square nut to make installation easier not that big of a deal. Fit was perfect,spins over fast ion batteries hold charge for months no more trickle charge to worry about.Something interesting I left the key on my vtr over night dumb move on my part. I thought well battery is RIP forever. I jumped it just to be sure. Put a voltmeter on it and in less than 10 minutes on just stator power it was reading 13,3 volts amazing and holding for three months. These bikemaster ion batteries are well made and a real bargain! Praise for Motosport, their customer service is really good they have never had any issues on any service they have done for me that says a lot."
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