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There is nothing like the feeling of hopping on a motorcycle and seeing the world above the handlebars. Some riders prefer open roads with scenic views while others prefer to bomb around twisting turns of back country routes. Dirt bike and ATV enthusiasts love just what the name implies, lots of dirt and rough terrain. Those vehicles are not street legal and need to be used only on the owners property or areas that allow for off road vehicles. Some of the best off roading areas may be closer to your back yard then you think. Riders looking for the perfect routes that allow them the feeling of freedom on the open road should take note. Below are some of the best US routes for on and off road riding enthusiasts. This list also includes clubs and forums that are worth checking out. Have fun and stay safe!

National Club Resources

Patriot Guard Riders: Motorcycle riding club that has a special mission of riding at the funerals of dead soldiers.

Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club: Website for this notorious motorcycle club that includes information on the organization.

Southern Cruisers Motorcycle Riding Club: A motorcycle riding club that boasts 31,000 members both in the US as well as outside the US.

Freemasons Riding Club Website: Motorcycle riding club that is also a masonic motorcycle riding club.

Band of Brothers Riding Club: Motorcycle riding club that was created for the support of veterans and Marine Corps-related pursuits.

Leather and Lace Motorcycle Nation Club: A riding club for women that was formed in order to link up women who have a strong interest in motorcycles and riding.

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club: The motorcycle club that is very famous and which has members from a broad spectrum of demographics.

American Legion Riders Motorcycle Club: Motorcycle club that puts an emphasis on assisting soldiers and veterans.

Priestess Women’s Motorcycle Coven: A motorcycle club dedicated to women, which accepts international members and those from all backgrounds.

BMW Owners Motorcycle Club: A motorcycle club for all BMW motorcycle owners in America who love to ride their bikes.

National Club Index: Find a club in your area with this great search.

Moto Associations: Search by area or motorcycle type.

Riding Routes

The Motorcycle Roads of the US: Website that provides many twisty and scenic routes for bike enthusiasts.

Motorcycle Roads of America: Another website that focuses on all the great routes and roads that can be taken by motorcyclists.

Journey of the Open Road: Website comprised of bike enthusiasts who share information about the best routes; features maps, too.

Online Home of Great Motorcycle Roads: A website that contains information on all the best roads for street bike enthusiasts in the UK.

Ride USA – Mapsman: Information and maps for the best bike-riding routes in the US.

Road Routes for California Motorcycle Enthusiasts: Details on where the best motorcycling routes are in the state.

Motorcycle Riding Routes in Colorado: A collection of riding routes that motorcyclists can hit in Colorado.

The Biker’s Road Guide – Road Quest: A guide for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest.

Riding Routes in Ohio: A collection of motorcycle riding routes in the state of Ohio.

Places to Ride Website: A website full of links that go to websites with more riding routes for bike enthusiasts.

Roads for Sport Bikes: Website for riding routes for many states.

Roads for Bikers: Website committed to providing riding routes for bikers in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Texas Hill Country Cruising Itinerary: Information about the many routes bike enthusiasts can ride in Texas’ Hill Country.

The Motorcycle Cruiser Website: Information about riding your motorcycle in many places across the US.

Tail of the Dragon Motorcycle Road: Website about stretch of road in North Carolina, made for motorcycle riding.

Road Trips Riding Routes Web Page: Web page dedicated to providing visitors with some of the best routes across several states.

Road Trip America for Motorcyclists: Resource web page for motorcyclists who like to go riding.

Suggestions for Motorcycle Routes in the US: Web page that features list of riding tours in the US.

Motowhere List of Motorcycle Riding Routes: A compilation of riding routes in the US.

Sunday Morning Rides Across the US: A list of states across the country where bikers can ride.

Off Road Routes

Freewheeling Arkansas: Website that features riding routes for ATVs and dirt bikes.

Off-road USA Dirt Bike Routes: Off-road bike routes for Western Virginia and the Rocky Mountains.

Riding Routes for Texas Off-road Enthusiasts: A list of riding routes in the Texas area.

Dirt Bike Riding Areas in California: List of places in California where dirt bikers can ride.

Ridge Riding in Alabama: Website for a park in Alabama that features ATV and dirt bike trails.

Georgia Off-road Riding Paths: Website that contains information about many off-road paths for dirt bikes.

Sound Rider Washington Off-road Motorcycle Trails: Write-up about a few off-road riding trails in Washington State.

Rider Planet USA ATV Motorcycle Trails: Website that specializes in trail riding information for ATVs and dirt bikes.

ATV and Dirt Bike Trails in Colorado: Trails for ATV riders and dirt bikes enthusiasts in Colorado.

Trail Source Website: Resource website for any enthusiasts of off-road bike riding in the US.


The Motorcycle Forums Website: One of the largest websites for forums for bike enthusiasts.

Sport Bike Community Forum: Forum for the sports bikes community to talk about their passion.

Total Motorcycle Forum Community Website: Motorcyclist enthusiast forum that has been online since 2000.

Adventure Rider Forum: Forum for motorcycle enthusiasts from around the Earth.

Kawasaki Street Bike Forum: Street bike forum for Kawasaki bikes.

Biker Forum for Motorcycle Enthusiasts: Forum for enthusiasts to discuss bikes.

Motorcycle Journal Forum: The forum for motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds.

Forum for the Motorcycle Tourer: Discussion forums for motorcyclists who like to tour with their bikes.

Forum for Motorcycle Repair Topics: A forum for those interested in repairing their bikes properly.

Forum for Yamaha Motorcycle Owners: The place for Yamaha owners to go to talk with fellow owners.

Photo by: Jerad Heffner; Flickr.

Written By: AndrewT