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Bell Vortex Helmet - Flying Tiger Bell Vortex Helmet - Flying Tiger Juan - FL Great buy for the price "Bought this helmet about 2 years ago, I'm a everyday rider, been a great helmet over all, good fit, not too heavy, visor design is awesome with a quick release for easy swap between clear and tinted shields. Only reason for 4 out 5, is the wind noise. I like to listen to music, but i tend to ride with the volume on the high side simply because of wind noise at higher speeds. Bonus is DOT and SNELL approved!"
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Bell Star Helmet - Solid Bell Star Helmet - Solid Kevin - Improved design over the late model Star "Just picked one of these up, and I am coming from the previous version of the Star. In the old Star, I wore a size Small, but I had to go up to a medium with this helmet. There are a lot of new benefits to the new model: - The quick release for the visor is now even quicker - The locking mechanism is easier to use - Improved field of vision - High quality materials; the cheek pads and everything are nice and soft. - MUCH QUIETER! There are a couple downsides, though. - Visor only has two positions now: all the way open or shut. - when visor is up, you can see the locking tab at the top of your field of vision Overall, this is a great helmet, especially for the price. As always with Bell, this a a premium feeling helmet. With the helmets that I would compare it too from Shoei, Arai, etc. the price is very competitive. Bell's customer service is also top notch... I highly recommend this product, especially if it is time to replace your current Star!"
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