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Bell  Rogue Helmet Bell Rogue Helmet TacticalTurtle83 - Berkley, MA, USA 4 out of 5 stars Good helmet with great looks! "This is the first Bell helmet I have owned and the first non full face helmet as well and I am very happy with it. The fit is good and feels good while riding. I have only done a few short rides but I don't foresee any comfort issues for long distance riding. As others have stated, with the cold weather insert in, the muzzle can rub your nose unless you have the adjuster straps all the way out. Proper adjustment though can make this helmet fit the way you want."
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Bell  Rogue Helmet Bell Rogue Helmet Matt - Reno, NV, USA 5 out of 5 stars nice helmet "After reading some other negative reviews I was a little nervous to purchase this helmet. As far as sizing, the helmet seze chart was spot on. The face guard with the liner is a little close and can rub in the nose but with the adjustments and the extended straps you can buy elsewhere, I cant imagine a problem. The functionality of the face guard is great, I have had pebbles and bugs bounce off frequently instead of hitting me in the face. The look of the helmet is awesome as long as you keep the faceguard on, without it, it looks huge. I think it is a very comfortable helmet and the ear covers are a bonus with wind on a cold day. Overall I feel like it is a great helmet and is worth the high price tag."
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