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Alpinestars Arctic Drystar Gloves Alpinestars Arctic Drystar Gloves Hamza - NYC, NY Not bad at all... "I purchased these gloves in DayGlo and I purchased them 1 size too big so I can wear Glove Liners underneath. I have to say, the gloves are not that bad at all.... I would rate them excellent if they kept my hands warmer. Like most glove companies, you can't get a decent winter glove for less than $200!!! I ordered these Alpinestars 1 size bigger so I can use glove liners underneath which I wear when it gets really cold. I have to say, they performed better than I thought they were going to perform. With the liners underneath, they are solid Winter Gloves! Get them while they are on sale, get them 1 size larger so you can wear Glove Liners under them when it gets real cold!"
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Alpinestars Corozal Drystar Gloves Alpinestars Corozal Drystar Gloves 2015bluer6 - "work great in the rain, kept my hands dry and the scraper kept my visor fairly clear"
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