Arai Vector-2 Helmet - Blarney

Arai Vector-2 Helmet - Blarney
Arai Vector-2 Helmet - Blarney

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The Brand New Vector-2.

Everything you want. Nothing you don't.

Introducing the Vector-2, the latest version of Arai's hugely-popular less-is-more Vector model. Specifically crafted for the rider who doesn't need all the bells and whistles of Arai's other models, but who can't imagine not getting the Arai family's unmatched three generations of handmade magic with care and craftsmanship, rider protection, performance, comfort and fit.

The kind that's earned Arai 12 straight J.D. Power and Associates Number-One rankings for Customer Satisfaction - while no other brand has earned even one!

The fact that the new Vector-2 costs a little less doesn't hurt either.

What becomes immediately obvious is that, while still adhering to its less-is-more design intent, the new Vector-2's impressive array of features, benefits, updates and upgrades results in an Arai helmet in which more costs less.

  • Shell Construction: The Vector-2's CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell utilizes Arai's proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, flexible shell in a lightweight package.
  • New Chinvent Design: The placement of the new chin vent design within the Vector-2's chinbar gives it a distinctive look all its own - while flowing a lot of air into the interior! A rubber breathguard also comes as a standard equipment.
  • New Hyper-Ridge: This design encircles the bottom of the shell, enhancing shell strength (in an area where some manufacturers actually reduce shell material). The Hyper-Ridge also provides a larger opening in the bottom of the helmet, making it easier to get the helmet on and off - without either adding the weight or increasing the shell size.
  • Rear Ventilation: Tuned rear vent / wing: New ACR-2 rear exhaust vent-wing combo features wind-tunnel tuned air inlets that accelerate the airflow over the large exhaust-vent holes, greatly improving ventilation performance by markedly increasing the efficiency of interior stale-air and heat removal. A single large slider easily operates all three vents simultaneously.
  • Organic Shell Shape: The Vector-2 is another example of Arai's organic shell-design philosophy. An Arai helmet shape is created to conform more closely to the human head shape, making it look better, and "flow" better in the wind. And, Arai believes this shaping is best done by human hands and experience - not computers. "Computers solve things mathematically. Hands build for humans."
  • New Fully-Removable Liner: An upgrade from the previous Vector's fixed liner, the Vector-2 gives you a fully-removable liners. Further, it is designed with a full-perimeter crown pad with minimal frame support for increased comfort. The removable / replaceable cheekpads also have removable washable covers for easier, thorough cleaning,
  • Front Ventilation: New ACF-2 front intake vent has an oversized intake opening for better airflow, and a sliding door mechanism to more completely close it.
  • Side Exhaust: The Vector-2 features larger side exhaust ports at the bottom rear to increase airflow while at the same time working to reduce noise levels.
  • Wider Eyeport: The new Vector-2's faceshield eyeport features the same extremely-wide peripheral view of Arai's top-of-the-line Corsair-V racing helmet and RX-Q - 5 mm on each side - providing better side-to-side visibility and awareness of the world around you.
  • EPS Liner: Arai's multi-density EPS liner is like no other, comprised of up to five different densities in some models - and molded into a single piece. Arai pioneered this technology more than 20 years ago and is still, to their knowledge, the only helmet offering single-piece hybrid liner and its unique benefit: the direct-fused contact area that each EPS cell shares with its neighboring cells creates a mutual support - as one is crushed under impact, the surrounding cells assist with the energy absorption. Liner pieces that are simply fitted or glued together cannot rely on such a high-level support bond.
  • Micro Fitting: The incredible feature of the 5 mm peel away cheek pad layer, first introduced on the RX-Q and now available on the Corsair-V, is standard on the Vector-2. This feature gives you the option of a thinner cheek pad set, for a custom micro-fit, without having to purchase an optional cheek pad set. Expanding on the benefits of the 5 mm peel away cheek pad design, the Vector-2 is the first model to incorporate 5 mm peel away temple pads. Adding to the benefits of multiple interior shapes, this feature now takes micro-fitting within an interior shape to a higher level, giving you advantages offered only by Arai.
  • Intermediate Oval Interior Shape: The Vector has Arai's Intermediate Oval (IO) shell shape. This shape is designed for the rider whose head has a front-to-back dimension that is longer than the side-to-side dimension.
  • Meets or exceeds Snell M2010 and DOT standards.

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Portland, OR, USA
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Love this helmet

This is a very comfortable helmet. Good ventilation. It has a little more wind noise at high speed than some helmets.

Best Helmets on sale

The quality, Fit, Features and comfort of these helmets are second to none.
This is my second and I´ve used mine for racing and street use.
I won´t trust anything else.

Arai Vector-2 Helmet - Blarney

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