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RK 530 XSO RX-Ring Chain RK 530 XSO RX-Ring Chain KatToy - Athens, GA, USA great chain "I got over 50K miles on my 98 Katana 750 on the first one with no problems."
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RK 520 GXW XW-Ring Chain RK 520 GXW XW-Ring Chain Quixotic1 - Hillsboro, OR, USA Excellent chain and a good value "RK's chains are standard equipment on many marque's machines and it is easy to see why given the quality of those OEM parts. The GBGXW Series Chain is a step up from most of these with a higher strength rating, better corrosion protection and a more stylish appearance. Installing the chain is like installing any chain - a chain tool is required - and it went as expected. Though the chain has only been through a few thousand miles, it does still look new and functions very well. Only more use will tell if it is long-term durable, though. For now, I can say that I would buy it again - and probably will - and I highly recommend it to anyone with a performance street bike looking to replace an aging driveline."
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