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Nuetech Nitro Mousse Nuetech Nitro Mousse Motoparty - portland or Best Bib! "Review provided by 220 Off Road Tours: So first off, the noticeable differences are the Nitro was much firmer and dense than the Michelin which is a bit "fluffy". These differences were also noticed when installing them as well. The Nitro seemed to go right into the tire itself, but like all bibs was still painful to get on the rim. I used the Artrax SX1 which tends to have softer side walls, but right away I could feel the difference. The Michelin's tend to be a bit "mushy" in the first few hours. Almost like the lube needs to sink in a bit then it gets more stable. However, with the Nitro I did not have that mushy feeling at all. We rode for over 2 hours in temps ranging from 82 to 105 and on very rocky terrain and also on some fire roads at up to 55 mph. Regardless of terrain, temps or speeds, the Nitro felt great and seemed to be much more stable with the Artrax than the Michelin. More to follow as I put more hours on it in some extreme heat will be the big test, but so far I'm sold. Also, once I change the tire out, I will be able to tell just how it is holding up."
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Bull-it Cargo Zip Off SR6 Covec Pants Bull-it Cargo Zip Off SR6 Covec Pants WilsonHew - Mindanao, Philippines comfortably unique. "the item arrived as expected. i was not disappointed as it fits perfectly w/ my size. the pants was a little bit heavy and hot esp. on warmer days, but comfortable enough because of its breathable lining. it also stays warm during colder/rainy days... its great to wear because there's no need to change my pants in the workplace and I can easily convert it into shorts during recreational times.. my only concern was the small pocket (watch pocket) because the stitches frayed a little.. but it can be easily repaired.. I'm a little more confident wearing it during my long commute to work due to its protective properties... I couldn't comment on its performance yet, hopefully will never have to.. thanks for this great riding pants/shorts.."
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