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Twin Air Dust Cover Twin Air Dust Cover Mac57 - Santa Fe, NM, USA This product will save you hours a week "I bought this unconvinced it would work, the only question would be why did i not purchase this sooner. Treat your normal filter as you normally would, then after the 15 min dry time, add your dry dust filter. It has reduced my air filter cleaning to once a week riding nearly everyday. It has also saved me money buying filter cleaning solution which is way over priced to begin with. Thank you Twin Air for saving me time and money."
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Twin Air Pre-Oiled Air Filter Twin Air Pre-Oiled Air Filter Dave - Georgia Twin Filter "Great filter that fit perfectly on my 2016 150RB. Slightly better airflow from stock, with way better filtration! I will never use OEM again after my experience with this filter. Seals excellent with no gunk buildup and last longer between cleanings."
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