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UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter UNI Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter TomD - Hillsboro Oregon 1997 Honda xr250r uni air filter "Overall very pleased with a new uni air filter for my XR 250. It fits well and comes with the better than OEM metal cage inside the air filter. You may have to do a little trimming with scissors on the inside of the filter that connects to the air box. Overall very tight fit. I do not recommend and no toil air filter it fell apart after one season. But I still use their oil products on my uni air filter."
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No Toil Premium Dual Stage Air Filter No Toil Premium Dual Stage Air Filter KRUSHER - Oregon, USA It does its job and lasts a long time "The only reason I can't 5 star this filter is because I bought one for my wife's 06 crf150f and it is the tightest fitting filter I've ever used. On my bike 07 yz450f it fits perfectly but on hers it's a real pain to get it to seal all the way around because it's so tight. For her bike I will go back to twin air because that filter fits as it should, however I will continue to use this filter on my bike. I'm super paranoid about my filters I like them looking brand new so I change mine about every 4 months but I'm sure you could run this filter for much much longer. I ride in every condition from mud pit trails to dry dusty tracks to dunes and I've never once seen any kind of sign in my boot that this filter isn't working flawlessly and it breaths great as well. I'd definitely recommend this UNLESS you have a 06crf150f lol."
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