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Magura USA Hydraulic Clutch 167 Magura USA Hydraulic Clutch 167 TheDeadBaren - NE Ohio Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! "Absolutely fantastic product! Fitment was perfect. I didn't have any issue at all installing it myself. I got it installed in approximately 30 minutes. It could have been faster, but I decided to remove the right radiator shroud in order to fish the slave cylinder down to the clutch actuator. The clutch definitely does take some getting used to, but oh my goodness is it soooooo smooth!! I even feel like I'm able to shift a little faster because the travel is so much shorter too. It's definitely an expensive piece of kit, but it is by far the best $$ I've spent on anything bike related! I no longer have to cut my day of riding short from my hand cramping up from the rock-hard stock clutch. When I get a new bike this is definitely going to be the first mod I do!"
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Outerwears Airbox Cover Outerwears Airbox Cover Bubbles - This Is An Airbox Cover "Installs fairly easy if you remove the airbox like the instructions tell you to. I also wound up cutting the brackets off where the top would clamp on so that I could get a tighter fit. They recommend you to be careful removing it from the velcro or it will rip and I believe them, it's not super strong. In fact, it looks pretty cheap. But it seems to help keep dust out, possibly, I usually wind up with mud in it so it's tough to tell."
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