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Moose Resettable Hour Meter Moose Resettable Hour Meter Rambler977 - NY So far so good "Just got this hour meter for my 2000 yz250 wanted to make it easier for my service intervals felt lik I was wasting tranny fluid and wanna keep an eye on top end hours. It installed really easy they give u plenty of wire and it comes with double sided tape and self tapping screws. I was a little skeptical on the tape but figured I would try it first and I hav to say its great. Made sure surface was clean and dry and its really solid I'm not worried about it coming off at all. I only hav .2 hours on it so far so I can't say anything about durability yet but initial quality and all that is really good would definitely recommend this product"
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Works Connection Maintenance-Hour-Tach Meter Works Connection Maintenance-Hour-Tach Meter Dave - Clean and easy "Used multiple hour meters over the years but you'll never beat works connection and quality and price. But it."
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