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TM Designworks Magnetic Drain Plug TM Designworks Magnetic Drain Plug EaglePerry338 - Washington, WV 26181, USA Worth every penny "$20 is a lot for a drain plug, sure (especially when you aren't guaranteed what color you will get). However, I think this thing is almost necessary to have on a bike. Not only does it keep some of the metal in your sump from going into your engine, it's also a great indicator if you have something wrong. I only get extremely small particles (which is normal wear), but this plug can help you catch issues before they become critical, like if you started seeing shaving or small chunks on the plug. I'm not crazy about having a red bolt on my WR250F, but on most other bikes you won't be able to see the plug anyway. I plan to buy one of these for every bike that I ever own."
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Twin Air Oil Filter Cap Twin Air Oil Filter Cap MeanGreenMachine - Tacoma, WA Leaks "The cap seems to fit well, actually better than stock, I bought to replace the stock cap that had cracked, has a nice weight to it, seems to be high quality, the stock o-rings seem too small, but I can't find any specific to this cap. If I figure out why it's leaking and it's a simple fix, this would no doubt be a 5star rating and would definitely recommend to a friend."
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