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Saddlemen Expandable Sport Saddlebags Saddlemen Expandable Sport Saddlebags hubyjewofmotiontwo - MN Good quality "Good quality"
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River Road Momentum Series Tool Pouch River Road Momentum Series Tool Pouch MikeJD - Iowa, USA Not really a quality - but it looks cool "You get what you pay for. This is really cheap pouch that will do the job. I couldn't make it stay mounted high up on the front fork, with velcro straps the pouch came in with so I used the shoe lace to strap it to the light in order to stay in place. On my first ride the pouch went down the fork on my front fender and left a sticky marks on while fender color. Boy, I didn't like that. So if you don't want to spend some serous buck this pouch is for you. If you ride a super expensive HD or Indian, then spend some $$$ on quality gear - this one is not for your hog. Have a safe ride ~ Mike"
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