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Yoshimura R-77 Slip-On Exhaust Yoshimura R-77 Slip-On Exhaust Mike - Atlanta, GA 2012 Honda CBR 1000RR "Received the exhaust in 3 days. Was very excited when the exhaust arrived and it was packaged very good. The install was not easy, mainly because you have to play around with different angles to make sure the s bend pipe, muffler, and heat shield fit and are lined up correctly. It was just a tedious process. The instructions that came with the slip on are very minimal, I had to go to YouTube to watch an install video from a user. I still can't complain and will give 5 stars because the product and pricing from Motosport was incredible. This slip on looks so much better than the TwoBros that came with my bike from previous user. I did the install myself, I'm a DIY person and can read instructions and watch videos but I'm in no means a professional or anything. If I had a friend helping me this would have been done much faster but it took me a little over an hour mainly because I had trouble removing a special extension nut on the o2 sensor (only because it was part of the old Two Bros slip on) and also because I took the s bend pipes apart to put anti seize on them and had to realign the pipes."
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Arrow Maxi Race-Tech Slip-On Exhaust Arrow Maxi Race-Tech Slip-On Exhaust DinoPachino - Michigan My 2nd one "Hands down the best sounding slip-on you can find for the 2006 Kawi 650 R. Since it's a twin bike, this exhaust gives it a super nice rumble. You will turn on car alarms and turn heads, and more than likely force people to close their windows if your stopped next to them while they're chatting on their phones, even at low speeds. It is a very deep sounding, aggressive rumble. My buddy had the same bike with an Akrapovic exhaust and the Arrow is 10 times better sounding. I've put about 13 - 14 k miles on this exhaust until I needed a replacement. I think the carbon build up or some sort of rust build up with in it is causing it to not sound so crisp anymore, and has a rattelling noise within it when you squeeze the clutch. (it is for sure in the slip on) Just ordered this one, cant wait till it comes in!!! Highly recommended!"
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