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Yamalube Suspension Oil Yamalube Suspension Oil Yzripper - Idaho, USA S1 in 2003 yamaha yz250 "I know yamaha recommends the 01 for my year of bikes forks but ive been using the S1 for 7 years and have had not one issue it works great and its 0 weight which is what yamaha recommends for their forks. I was kinda curious to use some maxima 5wt racing fork oil but still have not tryed it, i do run maxima 3wt racing shock oil in my shock and i am very happy with it. Anyone Let me know if you've tryed the maxima stuff in the forks and how it works. I MX track ride and free ride in the desert and hills"
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Vortex Lowering Link Vortex Lowering Link Houstongsxr - Houston, TX, USA Not bad "I had vortex lowering links on my 05 gsxr ,they took the beating An held up my bike was nice An low for how I need"
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