Profile: Stefano Mesa - A MotoSport Sponsored Rider

Check out MotoSport sponsored rider Stefano Mesa this weekend at the Portland International Raceway. Stefano is in 3rd place in the 2013 AMA SuperSport East standings. Come watch a pro and enjoy some great road racing. Until then, learn a little more about this up-and-coming star when we caught up with him this season.

Age: 18

Years riding pro: 3

What age did you start riding and on what: 5; KTM 50

What do you ride now? Yamaha R6

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Career highlights:

  • 2012: AMA SuperSport Class East division; finishing 4th in points standings. Breakout year accounting for 12 top 5 finishes. First AMA pro win in Road America.
  • 2011: AMA SuperSport Class East division; finishing 7th in points standings and earning a best finish of 2nd place in Race 1 at Daytona. CCS Championship cup series 3rd place Expert GTU, 3rd Experts GTO, 2nd Expert middleweight Supersport, 1st Experts SuperTwins
  • 2010: CCS Florida Championship Cup Series

Other hobbies/interests: RC cars, GoKarting, Cycling, and rebuild cars

  1. What got you started?

    My racing background goes back when I was five years old. At Christmas, I was given a KTM 50. I raced motocross for a while on my KTM but quit because I suffered a moped accident with my father. The fall scared me and scraped my face and arms. Time went by and my dad bought me a 4-wheeler to use on a leisure farm outside of the city of Medellin, Columbia. I got my confidence back and then the 4-wheeler fever started! There were so many that they began racing different classes and I joined. Lots of fun! Won three championships. I also went back to motocross riding a Yamaha-80, but motard started so I entered to race these and road racing on a "Colombian" type 125 until we made the decision to move to Boca Raton, Florida where my older sisters lived and went to college. We were also looking for a better opportunity in racing. Here I started racing 125s, motard, and then bought a Moriwaki and did the USGPRU championship. I've since moved on to 600s.

  2. If you weren't racing what would you be doing now?

    If I wasn't racing motorcycles, I'd still be going to school to finish up my last year of high school, which I'm doing at the moment. Then go off to a mechanical school.

  3. What advice would you give a younger rider?

    The advice I'd give a younger rider is if you like racing and have a passion for it, go out and race and look for the opportunity to fulfill your dream.

  4. What's your favorite racing moment?

    I think that my favorite racing moment was last year in Road America when I won my 1st PRO RACE. That race was so much fun and exciting and a special moment.

  5. Is there a past or present rider you study to improve your race?

    Yes. I'm always looking after the fast guys to study so I can improve my racing. Martin Cardenas is my mentor. His knowledge and way of being is just incredible and impresses me every time out.

  6. What's your pre-race ritual?

    My pre-race ritual is going to the trailer to just relax, listen to some music, little prayer, which all together gets me ready to race.

Written By: AndrewT

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