Most riders don't really know where to look for speed. Many think they need to try harder and have bigger cahoonas! But that strategy will only get you a room in a hospital. In order to develop speed you first have to develop grace and smoothness. Check out my video:

Ride hard, ride smart and have fun,

Gary Semics

About Gary Semics:

I have found that I have a real knack for teaching and it has become my goal to train Motocross riders around the world. In order to reach all you MX enthusiasts, I produced the Gary Semics Motocross Techniques DVD Series. The 3 volume series presently includes 20 technique DVDs, 2 motocross fitness training DVDs, The 2 Day MX School DVD, some other standalone DVDs, one historic DVD called "The Evolution of Motocross," 2 CDs and a Motocross Practice Manual for a total of 28 DVDs as of September 2015. The DVDs can also be Streamed.