The #1 Secret to Motocross Rhythm Jumps

What is this secret?

It involves looking ahead early! Rhythm jumps require timing, not only with techniques but also with your vision. Here's how it works:

When you approach a jump you see your line that leads you to the takeoff, then before you takeoff you need to see your landing area. Here's the key, before you land you need to be looking at your next takeoff, before you hit that takeoff, look for your next landing and so on. This way you're always focused on what you have to do next...ahead of time.

Through my motocross schools, I have found this to enable many riders to jump through whoops and rhythms that they just could not jump before. I hope it works as well for you too.

Ride hard, ride smart,

Gary Semics

About Gary Semics:

I have found that I have a real knack for teaching and it has become my goal to train Motocross riders around the world. In order to reach all you MX enthusiasts, I produced the Gary Semics Motocross Techniques DVD Series. The 3 volume series presently includes 20 technique DVDs, 2 motocross fitness training DVDs, The 2 Day MX School DVD, some other standalone DVDs, one historic DVD called "The Evolution of Motocross," 2 CDs and a Motocross Practice Manual for a total of 28 DVDs as of September 2015. The DVDs can also be Streamed.