Railing berms (ruts) fast, takes a lot of skill and doing this with multiple berms raises the bar even more. It takes doing all the techniques correctly while maintaining balance, controlling the lean amount of your body and the bike and controlling your speed all the way into and through the corner. There's definitely a lot of things going on at the same time. I hope you enjoy this free video and get an understanding of how to improve your berm cornering skills.

If you're serious about improving your motocross cornering skills, you may want to purchase my Motocross Berm Corner Techniques DVD/Stream where you will learn all the techniques and practice methods for berm corners?

Ride hard, ride smart and have fun,

Gary Semics

About Gary Semics:

I have found that I have a real knack for teaching and it has become my goal to train Motocross riders around the world. In order to reach all you MX enthusiasts, I produced the Gary Semics Motocross Techniques DVD Series. The 3 volume series presently includes 20 technique DVDs, 2 motocross fitness training DVDs, The 2 Day MX School DVD, some other standalone DVDs, one historic DVD called "The Evolution of Motocross," 2 CDs and a Motocross Practice Manual for a total of 28 DVDs as of September 2015. The DVDs can also be Streamed.