Graves Motorsports Yamaha R6 Slip On Installation

Graves Motorsports - Shane McCoy installs a Graves Slip-on carbon fiber exhaust system and exup eliminator setup on a 2012 Yamaha R6. Installation was done at the 2012 Yamaha / Graves Deals Gap Convention.


Hi, I'm Shane McCoy with Graves Motorsports. Today I'm here with our 2012 Yamaha R-6 and we're going to install a Graves Motorsports slip-on by removing the stock exhaust and replacing it with a Graves canister. Now I'm going to start the bike, allow you to hear the exhaust stock and then after, when we're done so you can compare the two.

We're going to start by removing the black heat shield and the bolt that holds the canister to the foot peg bracket. Next we're going to remove the noise reduction cables from the motorcycle. In this case we have an after-market piece, another piece from Graves Motorsports, called the EXUP eliminator. We're going to locate the motor, remove it, and then install this piece in its place that way you don't get a check engine warning light due to the fact that the noise reduction cables have been removed.

Once you've removed the EXUP cables, you're going to follow them up and undo them from underneath the shock tower. Since the assembly is gone, your bike is going to get a check engine warning light. This module removes that warning light. You're just going to plug it in, like so, then take the 2-sided tape and affix it into the motorcycle in here so it'll be out of the way. Now that we've got the EXUP valve pulley assembly off, we're going to remove the canister, and you're just going to take this bolt off, basically, down here. Remove the clamp and just gently slide this until it comes off.

Now we're going to take the Graves Motorsports exhaust canister, slide it into place. You're going to re-use the stock exhaust gasket. We've got the bolt here. The clamp that comes with the Graves exhaust is going to be re-used. You don't use the stock clamp. You're going to check this out and then, basically, you're going to take the white plastic wrapping and install our rubber gasket and slide it on very gently. Don't tighten everything until you've got the assembly together because you want to make sure everything lines up before it's tightened. Our next step is going to be - I'm going to remove this and slide it on and we'll move from there.

Now we've got the canister loosely mounted, and we've made sure the exhaust bracket lines up, and we're going to go ahead and tighten the exhaust bracket down. We're going to use the nut that came with the Graves kit, and then the factory bolt. Just take your time. Make sure everything remains secure. After we tighten this down we're going to make sure that we check because we don't want to use any more than 14 foot-pounds of torque on any of the bolts.

Once you've got everything secure you're going to want to make sure that you wipe off the exhaust canister completely. When you start the bike, titanium will actually leave grease thumb prints and different things, you know, from the oils in your hands. You're going to want to make sure you clean everything off, that way it doesn't start and leave those markings into the exhaust. Just give it a quick wipe down, check everything out, and then you're going to start the bike and test it out.

Now that we've got everything installed, we've wiped it all down. We're going to look at the fresh, clean look of it and we're going to start the bike and let you hear the difference. These canisters are pretty similar to what we use on our actual race bikes. You can buy the Graves full exhaust system, or for the people that want to keep the rest of the assembly, and just want to purchase an economical slip-on, they can do like what we've done today. Just remember that we've used the Exup eliminator to get rid of the error light. You notice when we turn on the bike we don't have an error code because we closed off the circuit with the Graves module. They work really nice and they're really effective.

Graves Slip-On

Graves Yamaha Exup Eliminator

T-Handle Set

Graves Slip-On - Carbon Can

Graves Yamaha Exup Eliminator

T-Handle Set

Price: $499.99

Price: $64.99

Price: $4.99-$59.99


  • Offered with a Carbon Silencer
  • Features conical Titanium endcaps in your choice of "Standard" or "Polished"
  • Great sound and not too loud
  • 2.2 pounds


  • Simple plug-and-play application
  • Allows removal of the Exup valve and motor without the "Check Engine" light being activated
  • Furthers weight savings
  • allows for a cleaner appearance


  • Complete Sets
  • Racer Sets
  • Individual handles
  • Kits with sockets
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