Bazzaz AF Sensor Bung Plug

Bazzaz AF Sensor Bung Plug
Bazzaz AF Sensor Bung Plug

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Description Item #BAZ0005

The year was 2003. Yoshimura Race Engineer Ammar Bazzaz had just helped Mat Mladin claim his 3rd AMA Superbike Championship. After developing and tuning for six years with the team, Bazzaz began to create a product line that would allow racers and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere to harness his top-level race technology. The Smartest Performance Tuning Technology.

  • Used to plug hole in absence of Air / Fuel Sensor.
  • Removing the A / F Sensor from the exhaust when not being used helps to prolong the life of the sensor.
  • Notes: NOT drilled. For closed course competition use ONLY. Not for street use.

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