Yamaha WARRIOR ATV Fuel System

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FREE Flo Chrome Dome Valve FREE Flo Chrome Dome Valve - Kentucky, USA Rebel Flag "looks great awesome finish and feel its the icing to the cake when I sit on my 220 bayou"
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Acerbis Gas Tank Acerbis Gas Tank mtndaddy - Colorado, USA Nice tank "Overall a great product! I love the slim line of such a large capacity tank. Finish is great, comes with easy to use directions and all required fittings. My only wish is that they would have made the fit next to the side covers more exact. there is a good 3/8" gap between the tank and the side covers. Word to the wise...when buying any new tank- flush that bad boy prior to install! Acerbis did a good job but I flushed out several curls and chips of plastic out of the tank- would have been a bad day if those clogged the filter/injector!"
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