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Fastway Evolution III Footpegs Fastway Evolution III Footpegs DIRTDOG - SUNNY FLORIDA REAL FOOT PEGS "These foot pegs are great. They come with two lengths of screw in pegs so you can adjust to your liking. I used the long ones at the rear and none at the front, this helps with shifting with clunky boots. They are light weight to others I have picked up. A good quality product."
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Bolt Japanese Track-Pack II Bolt Japanese Track-Pack II JustPinIt - Essential "Anyone who rides motorcycles for any length of time knows how frustrating it can be searching for replacement fasteners, or bumming them off your buddies. I ordered this and had to break it open on the 1st ride after receiving it. And I'm pretty diligent about maintenance, fasteners just fall off and get lost unless your bike sits in the garage on a stand."
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