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Sidi Gossip Shoes Sidi Gossip Shoes motomac - New York, NY, USA excellent purchase "everybody asked where I got my sidi shoes they all whan't a pair now I told them go to motosport thanks for selling such cool shoes"
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Alpinestars Joey Shoes Alpinestars Joey Shoes SoCalDucatiHyper - San Marcos, CA, USA Great riding shoe! "If you want a thick and durable riding shoe that doesn't look like a boot but feels like a shoe, this is it. Comfortable to wear while not riding as well gives you the ability to ride around and run into a store without clunky boots. A stars made the perfect high top with really thick uppers and hard plastic ankle discs inside the shoe(not removable) for added ankle protection. Hard to tell from pictures what it's made of but it's a thick canvas material that is not shiny. (Black on black shoe)"
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