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All Balls Steering Bearing Kit All Balls Steering Bearing Kit ooot - ooot Better than balls "Replaced the loose ball bearings with this tapered set on a '99 Ninja 250. Didn't correct the wobble on deceleration I was experiencing (the original bearings were fine - it was rear wheel alignment), but the steering is still smooth and easy. A huge benefit to a tapered bearing over a set of loose balls is durability, and the fact that removing your triple doesn't set 40 little bearings bouncing and rolling all over the place when you remove it. Installation can be intimidating on your first time - if you're driving the races in or removing them with a hammer and drift just be sure you stay square and don't be shy. A huge bolt, nut and some large washers make a decent tool to press the included bearing races into the steering stem. A pipe works well to drive the lower bearing onto the triple, just remember to put the included seal on first."
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All Balls Steering Bearing Kit All Balls Steering Bearing Kit tech34 - Los Angeles, CA, USA All balls kits - great performance improvement "Taper bearings way to go,if your bike has round bearings. Improve steering and feels solid, more area contact with taper bearings . Used taper bearing for my other bikes.Motosport customer service, #1"
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