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EVS SB02 Shoulder Support EVS SB02 Shoulder Support Suzie - New Jersey, USA Returning to softball after labrum surgery "6 months after labrum surgery, I was cleared to return to softball. Because my muscles were still weak, my shoulder would still slip with overexertion. This brace gives me full range of motion while helping to keep my shoulder in place. For the next several months, I will not play without it. it gives me extra confidence and security. So far, it has worn well."
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EVS SB03 Shoulder Support EVS SB03 Shoulder Support Brian - Phoenix, AZ, USA Solid Purchase "This is my 2nd brace of this model. The 1st one worked well but I washed it too many times and it broke down. It lasted about a year. When you wash it air dry it and it will last much longer I have a tear in my rotator and labrum. This brace helps keep my shoulder stable when I bench press and incline. Without it I would have had to abandon the exercise. I want to try the upgraded model but this one works so well I figured I would stay with it. I would highly recommend this product. The company ships it out fast as well"
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