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Acerbis Fender Bag Acerbis Fender Bag Ryan - michigan Good pack "Just put this on my ktm 380 exc today. Couple things on the install. Someone said to use a soldering iron to make the holes in the pack. This works perfect, I did that. But mock up the mount first. See where you want your holes to be in pack and on fender. Make sure all 4 holes are centered and where you want them. Mark the inside of the pack with silver marker where you want your holes. Use the soldering iron to make all 4 holes now. You'll have to push it through and do a tiny circle motion with it. Let it cool for a minute. Place on fender where you want it. If you're sure it's in place drill one hole in the fender with the pack in place on the fender. You are drilling through your solder hole as a guide AND the fender with a 1/4 inch bit. Now put your bolt through the bottom of fender. Add your washer and nut inside the fender bag (or on the top of fender), and don't tighten all the way. (I had to get 1 inch bolts at local hardware to get enough length with the double fender that is on EXC ktms. Now line up your fender bag so it sits square on the fender. Now drill another hole in fender through the fender. Mock up that bolt, washer, and nut and just snug em down. Then drill your other 2 holes, and bolt those down. I had to use the nuts that came with the bolts from hardware since they were a different thread. I used threadlock on mine and tightened them all down. This worked like a charm. So your washers and nuts are inside the pack, and less likely to pull through the pack using the big washers they provide. The soldering iron trick melts the nylon liner and leaves an edge that won't fray. This thing is on there until I decide to unbolt it. Use this method and you won't go wrong."
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Acerbis Fender Bag Acerbis Fender Bag Myoung - Awesome bag! "Sweet little bag to keep my registration, wallet, and phone in. Very easy to mount on fender... Great buy!"
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