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Artrax Tire Combo With Tubes Artrax Tire Combo With Tubes maddiekm313 - Midwest Excellent tire for the average rider "I've had 2 sets of these tires on my yz 125 over the past two years. If you only ride on a nice, prepped track, these tires could last for 1-2 years of riding. Racing a couple times a month, practicing almost every weekend, these tires lasted me through all last year. I swapped them out for a new set for this year, but last years set would still have some time left on them if needed. They don't seem to wear fast if you don't ride on hard packed, slick conditions too often. As for installing, it's not difficult, but it can be a challenge. Performance wise, they seem to do very well in the corners and have great traction. Would definitely recommend these tires to the average rider/racer that enjoys getting a good price on a good product."
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Artrax TG5 Rear Tire Artrax TG5 Rear Tire Rodney - Good tire for the money... "Kids are now doing the work on their dirt bikes, 14" tires are a pain in the butt, if you don't have the right tools."
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