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Devol Radiator Guards Devol Radiator Guards throttletwister - Michigan radiator guards "Really nice durable built but not all the holes aligned correctly and the screews are too long and need to be trimmed apon installation otherwise if u drope ur bike it could puncture radiator"
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Works Connection Radiator Braces Works Connection Radiator Braces Jaypizzle - Daytona Beach, FL, USA WC Radiator braces "I just installed these on my RMZ450, and have used them on a few other bikes in the past. They install easily, don't add much weight and look good. On the RMZ I had to drill a small hole in each radiator mounting tab to mount these braces-no big deal. WC makes a quality product and they are made in the USA. They protect from side impacts with the ground if you crash. The only downside to these braces is they offer no frontal protection-If you ride MX so this is of little concern. If you ride offroad/trails you might want another brace with frontal protection."
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