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Klim 2016 Dakar Pants Klim 2016 Dakar Pants ducatirdr - Central Massachusetts 5 out of 5 stars Built like Enduro Pants should be built "Yes they are heavy! The good news is that they can survive the nasty stuff that would shred lighter weight pants in seconds. The fit is really good and they don't ride down my backside or limit my ability to swing a leg over my EXC. The added features of pockets and venting are nice but I really like the punishment that these pants can take. I'm glad I spend the extra $'s as any get off in New England usually involves rocks, trees or another bike. Most often leaving new gear in tatters. The orange can get stained by mud but I learned to toss them on the driveway while pressure washing the bike and hit them with Spray and Wash first then blast them before putting them in the washer. They come out like brand new."
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Troy Lee Designs 2015 Adventure Pants Troy Lee Designs 2015 Adventure Pants Jason - Norman, OK, USA 5 out of 5 stars Not exactly what I expected, but works. "Always looking for pants with pockets for keys, phone and wallet. Because who knows if my truck will be broke into if I get out of the trails. Looks like an in the boot pant in the pics. It works in the boot but has material like an over the boot that you'll need to tuck. Also the legs are baggy like an over the boot, so they look a little like horse pants when tucked. The good news is....The pant legs are really stretchy and pull over my enormous A'star boots and are snug so as not to catch a peg. And flex enough to allow pulling them up and putting on knee pads. Air vents are great, like riding naked. Good quality rubber coated zips to prevent jams."
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