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Maier ATV Fender Flares Maier ATV Fender Flares Donny - Fender Flares "First off I can't believe they were a hundred bucks. But they were. Second off I can't believe they showed up in three days. But they did. Third off I can't believe they fit. But they did. These things are great perfect fit with all the hardware Just take your time fitting them and you'll be happy."
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Maier Rear Fender Maier Rear Fender Thomas - Awesome product "So far I have had my front and rear fenders for about 6 months and they are flat out awesome. I love the tiny bit narrower rear fender, I would have broke them 15 times if it had not been narrower. I waxed them and they still have their shine and I do not park my 300ex under cover. Very strong product. Only problem is there is one defect on my front fender....Right side is molded higher than left so that is why I am giving 4 stars. It is very noticeable sadly."
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