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Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Racing Axles Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Racing Axles jimskyhigh - Seattle, WA, USA 5 out of 5 stars super strong and great finish "First off. Get the Serial number off of the axle before you install it !! you will need this number in order to activate your warranty. The axle installs just like any other but this is much beefier than the stocker. The multiple rings on the spline is a great addition to be able to widen out or narrow up depending on conditions. I use Rock billet wheel spacers on the front to widen out for dunes and racing and then remove them and move all the rings and put them on the outside of the hub and replace nut for a more narrow stance.. These are top notch axles and ive seriously abused mine on a raptor 700 and yet to even scratch the finish."
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Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Axle Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Axle wrmason94 - 5 out of 5 stars This axle is great! "This axle is great for any motocross rider. I have landed hard and I have landed wrong a couple times or on the side and this axle withstood everything that was thrown at it. No bends or cracks and no stripping. I recommend this axle for anyone who races or just rides at motocross tracks."
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