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BikeMaster TruGel Battery BikeMaster TruGel Battery Steven - Mooresville, NC, USA Unbeatable bang for buck "I got this to replace a 5 year old battery for an LTR450. The quad sits for extended periods of time, sometimes off the charger - after a month of sitting, I saw literally zero voltage drop. I'll be ordering another one soon for my 4x4 quad."
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Trail Tech Light Wire Harness With 3-Position Kill Switch Trail Tech Light Wire Harness With 3-Position Kill Switch - Eastern WA Good switch and harness "I bought this wire harness to connect a Polisport MMX headlight on a 2009 Yamaha TT-R 230. Even though the harness is specifically set up for Trail Tech lights, it's got everything needed to serve as a universal part. The inclusion of an inline fuse is appreciated. The three way/kill switch is of good quality. Including the kill switch saves room on the bars. The only quibble I have is that the leads from the switch to the headlight are a little short, but I was still able to make it work. Overall a good quality part, I'm satisfied with my purchase."
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ATV Lights

A popular feature 4-wheeler enthusiasts love to add-on to their quad is ATV lights. Why let the setting sun end a great day of riding or work around the farm? ATV lights are useful not only at night but in foul weather and whenever a trail takes you deep in the woods where the canopy of trees provides a night shade.

In addition to light kits, we also carry the electrical products you need to keep your ATV rolling (or even turned off!) on the track or trail. We've got batteries, temperature sensors and even kill switches (a must for racing) among other accessories that outfit your 4-wheeler for the long haul. Check out all of our ATV lights and electrical categories:

  • Batteries and Chargers
  • Bulbs
  • CDI Boxes
  • Computers
  • Hour and Tach Meters
  • Kill Switches
  • Light Kits
  • Starters and Accessories
  • Temperature Sensors

Whether you need a new light set-up for your quad, replacement bulbs, batteries, sensors, starters or other electrical additions make MotoSport your #1 destination for all your ATV needs. If you need help or can't find what you need call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

Get the largest selection of ATV lights and electrical accessories only at MotoSport. We carry a 90-day return policy and available free 3-day express shipping.