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HMF Tail Light Blocks HMF Tail Light Blocks Koog422 - Tail light blocks "Works well once installed. Had to loosen the rear grab rail bolts to give me enough wiggle room to get the vertical bolts lined up. Looks good once it's on there."
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Acerbis Vision HP LED Headlight Acerbis Vision HP LED Headlight Josey - Ann Arbor, MI, USA It's flashy and cool, but not much else. "This light functions well and has no obvious flaws. Just keep in mind that it is simply a halogen light, and will perform very similarly to most stock headlights. Also the LEDs on the sides provide absolutely zero usable light. Trust me, i tried in absolute darkness, and they're purely for show. Overall a neat light, but you should go for a true LED if you want a better night riding experience."
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