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Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee & Shin Guards Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee & Shin Guards KRUSHER - Oregon, USA Buy them, you'll love em "Leatt has done it again, I'm positive these are the best knee + shin gaurds out there. They are very comfortable, after only like 5 minutes of riding I can't even tell that they are on. I do extreme enduro style riding which gets very rugged at times and I'm often pulling my bike out of some crazy boulder crevice I got it stuck in or falling at the crest of a hill climb etc. And these stay in place without any pinching or cutting or really any discomfort whatsoever. I used the sizing chart and they fit perfectly. I wear high knee brace socks however I have rode a full day with these in just regular riding socks and still I had zero discomfort. The knee is a hard plastic under the fabric it's not just padding. The only con I could see with these is a person with a VERY large calf might have a issue as these do go down in your boot a ways. However most boots adjust to a pretty massive calf area but if you have tree stump calves these could possibly get in the way. Other than that these are flawless IMO. comfort is 10/10, quality 10/10, protection 10/10, style IMO 10/10. For $100 bucks these things are gold. Your legs will thank you and so will your wallet"
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EVS Epic Knee Pads EVS Epic Knee Pads Jmarkel475 - NorthEast "Good pads for the price."
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