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Kenda K673 Kruz Tire Combo Kenda K673 Kruz Tire Combo Richard - Logan, KS 67646, USA Great performance and wear "I have ran dunlops for years or last set were terrible. I decided to try kendas and man I'm glad I did. Went to Yellowstone and st Louis I have a Honda goldwing and trailer. Very heavy ride. These tires have a very smooth ride and really stick in the corners. Rain is no problem. If you're running dunlops get rid of them for these it's well worth it. I have 3500 miles on these and still good tires."
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Kenda K671 Cruiser ST Tire Combo Kenda K671 Cruiser ST Tire Combo SOTTUK - Cottonwood, CA 96022, USA Very good tire for value "I bought these tires because mine where showing cord on bike i hadnt exspected to buy yet so had to get different set then planned because of funds but i am highly impressed with them they are soft and really stick to the road im going around curves at normal speed and they feel like im way to slow so i find i go allot faster thru curves now love them dont know about wear and life yet as i just got installed easy and balanced just fine"
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Kenda Tires - Since 1962

Kenda Tires brings performance to anything that rolls. Cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers and even wheelchairs grip the ground with Kenda technology, research and development. Founded in 1962, Kenda Tires is now a leading manufacturer of tires across a broad spectrum of uses, thanks to continuous innovation.

Today, the company's mark in the ATV industry is undeniable. In 1994, Kenda Tires introduced the Bearclaw - the first 6-ply ATV tire. The Bearclaw also was the first ATV tire to offer tear and snag resistant material to extend tread life and offer better puncture resistance. The Kenda Bearclaw proved so successful, the company developed the line for 23 sizes.

Kenda Tires has since expanded its ATV tire line and now offers grip for motocross, cross country, 4x4, sport and UTV applications. Check out their entire line of ATV tires:

  • Bearclaw
  • Dominator Sport
  • Dune Runner
  • Klaw XC
  • Kutter MX
  • Kutter XC
  • Max A/T
  • Pathfinder
  • Road Go
  • Sand Gecko
  • Sand Gecko Plus
  • Scorpion
  • Speed Racer

Gear up for your next four wheeling adventure with MotoSport and Kenda Tires. If you're looking for a solid Kenda mud tire for your UTV check out our selection of Kenda Executioner ATV utility tires. Backed with a 6-ply casing and rim protector Kenda Executioners give outstanding protection in the toughest terrains.

Shop online in our convenient, secure store for the best pricing and service available. If you prefer to work with us directly, call 1-866-667-6288 for fast, friendly service, chat with an expert or check out our ATV Tire Buying Guide.

MotoSport is the best place to find Kenda Tires. We offer a 90-day return policy and available 3-day express shipping on most orders.