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Kenda Bearclaw HTR Rear Tire Kenda Bearclaw HTR Rear Tire LesWV - West Virginia, USA 5 out of 5 stars Best tire I have found. "After many hours of research looking for a stock replacement tire for my 2008 500 Rubicon. I settled on the Kenda HTR Bear Claws. I wanted a Radial that was not to aggressive and offered a fairly smooth ride. Once mounted by a local tire shop I ran them at 10 PSI for approx. 75 miles to run them in before dropping the pressure back down to 7 PSI. I could not tell any difference in the ride or handling with the pressure change. These tires ride very smooth and very quit considering the tread pattern. I have never felt any vibration or bar shake at any speed from 0 to 50 mph. I normally cruise at around 25 mph on open trails and steering is smooth and easy. I have put over 3000 miles on them riding everything from black top roads to loose gravel. In very slick mud such as red clay and slick off camber riding I have found that they do not offer the greatest side bite in an ATV tire. With the wear I have gotten from these tires. The lack of Side bite is honestly not worth mentioning but I have only to let others know where side bite may be a greater factor when choosing a tire. I am not a gut & mud rider that hits every mud hole that I encounter. But rather a trail rider that likes to get out and ride old dirt trails and roads with some paved thrown in. The Bear Claw HTR;s have preformed far better than I had ever expected and even with over 3000 miles have shown very little wear. These are by far the best ATV tire that I have ever owned and will choose them again if and when this set ever wears out. I am think that may be awhile."
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Kenda Bearclaw HTR Rear Tire Kenda Bearclaw HTR Rear Tire Hoot - Red Lion, PA, USA 5 out of 5 stars Great Tire "After reading all the reviews on numerous tires, I finally settled on the Kenda Bearclaw HTR. I had them mounted on the factory rims on my 2011 Polaris 850. What a difference over the stock tires! I had to go from 26x8x14's(front) and 26x10x14's(back) to 26x9x14 and 26x11x14's because of the very limited availability of the original size stock tire. They handled the trails I ride flawlessly. Everything from loose rock,downed trees,to moderate mud. I anxious to try them in the snow this year. Shipping was amazingly fast. Had them in three days."
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Kenda Tires - Since 1962

Kenda Tires brings performance to anything that rolls. Cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers and even wheelchairs grip the ground with Kenda technology, research and development. Founded in 1962, Kenda Tires is now a leading manufacturer of tires across a broad spectrum of uses, thanks to continuous innovation.

Today, the company's mark in the ATV industry is undeniable. In 1994, Kenda Tires introduced the Bearclaw - the first 6-ply ATV tire. The Bearclaw also was the first ATV tire to offer tear and snag resistant material to extend tread life and offer better puncture resistance. The Kenda Bearclaw proved so successful, the company developed the line for 23 sizes.

Kenda Tires has since expanded its ATV tire line and now offers grip for motocross, cross country, 4x4, sport and UTV applications. Check out their entire line of ATV tires:

Gear up for your next four wheeling adventure with MotoSport and Kenda Tires. If you're looking for a solid Kenda mud tire for your UTV check out our selection of Kenda Executioner ATV utility tires. Backed with a 6-ply casing and rim protector Kenda Executioners give outstanding protection in the toughest terrains.

Shop online in our convenient, secure store for the best pricing and service available. If you prefer to work with us directly, call 1-866-667-6288 for fast, friendly service, chat with an expert or check out our ATV Tire Buying Guide.

MotoSport is the best place to find Kenda Tires. We offer a 90-day return policy and available 3-day express shipping on most orders.