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ITP Holeshot XCT Rear Tire ITP Holeshot XCT Rear Tire Mike - Only tire I run "If you ride a lot of woods this is the tire to buy. If your coming from a 20" tire be sure to make a gearing change. Either one down in the front or two up in the rear. These tire flat out hook up, and with the gearing change you can climb any hill in the pits. Installation is a breeze with beadlocks. Highly recommended"
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ITP Mud Lite AT Tire ITP Mud Lite AT Tire Levi - Itp Mud lites "Tires do exactly as they are designed. Crawl right through thick mud. Tend to cake up at times but easily clean themselves out after you get moving faster. The tires where a pain to mount but didn't take very long. Have risen a fair amount on the road with these and still look brand new! Would definitely buy again"
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ITP Tires: Employee Tested and Approved

Founded in 1982, ITP's tread mark on the ATV and UTV landscape is easy to find. The company dedicates much of its success in the aftermarket tire industry to the dedication and feedback of its R&D team. So passionate is ITP about its tires, employees spend a lot of time field testing theories and processes by driving ATVs and UTVs equipped with ITP tires. What better way to learn how to conquer sand washes, silt pits, rocky hills and jagged rocks?

The company doesn't rest just on employee feedback either. ITP prides itself on customer feedback, input and suggestions. Their fans are many and if you're out on the trails or at the dunes don't be surprised to see an ITP employee talking shop with other riders.

MotoSport's ITP Tires and Wheels Collection

MotoSport's extensive collection of ITP tires and wheels is further proof of their durability and popularity. If our customers weren't clamoring for ITP tires then we wouldn't carry so many like the Sandstar Rear Paddle, Quadcross MX, Mud Lite, Holeshot and Bajacross series of tires.

ITP's wheel line is just as strong and popular as their tires. MotoSport carries front and back versions in the SS112 and T-9 series of ITP wheels.

MotoSport is the best place to find ITP tires and wheels. Check out our ATV store for additional selections. We provide a 90-day return policy and most orders ship same day.

Gear up for your next four wheeling adventure with MotoSport and shop online in our convenient, secure store for the best pricing and service available. If you prefer to work with us directly, call 1-866-667-6288 for fast, friendly service or chat with an expert and make your first choice for ITP tires, wheels and accessories.

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