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Hinson Pressure Plate Hinson Pressure Plate Jmarkel475 - NorthEast "Hinson hands down has the best clutch components. This pressure plate solves the clutch problem with the 2016 yz250f's of jumping forward about a foot into the gate when youride the front brake and try to slip the clutch on a holeshot. Yamaha used a different machining process for the mating surface of the pressure plate for the 2016's."
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Hinson Inner Clutch Hub Hinson Inner Clutch Hub OneSickPuppy805 - Pismo Beach, CA, USA Hinson Clutch Components Rock! "Grenaded my clutch assembly on my 08 yz450f Hinson parts were cheaper than stock and of far better Quality. Also have Hinson steel Basket,pressure plate and clutch...Way better feel than stock!!!"
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