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Moose Resettable Hour Meter Moose Resettable Hour Meter HondaMNrider - Minneapolis, MN, USA Love it, worked as intended "it was great, worked well, you can order the Hardline gas tank mounting kit and it works with this Moose hour meter. For $9.99 I would get the gas tank mount. Keeps the hr meter out of the way and the wiring from spark plug wire can come up right underneath gas tank along the frame to the mounting location. I am not sure I trust the RPM display but got this only for the hrs anyway and maintenance tracking."
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Works Connection Maintenance-Hour-Tach Meter Works Connection Maintenance-Hour-Tach Meter StingRay - Tucson, AZ Works Connection Tach/Hour Meter/Clock "Installation was a breeze and only took about 15 minutes. The hardest part was getting access to the spark plug wire on my Honda Recon ATV. I fired the machine up and everything worked exactly as specified. I mounted the module under the seat where I can easily access it to monitor the engine. Outstanding product...And It Works! Thanks for the great service and great product."
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