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DEI Reflect-A-GOLD DEI Reflect-A-GOLD ACool - SoCal Awesome product "I've used a few DEI products and for an M/C tank shield this film is BADA*S without a doubt! Easy to apply, not thick and bulky like other similar firewall shielding. Great buy for those oversized tanks that hug the cylinder so tightly."
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DEI Reflect-A-Cool DEI Reflect-A-Cool 12kx450 - Linn County, OR, USA This is a must "With the way number plates are made or cost cut backs .. Who knows.. You pretty much should just order this when you buy new number plates because all the major plastic manufacturers don't seem to put a heat barrier on the exhaust side anymore or hardly ever this stuff is a very good replacement and holds up very well a little pricey but worth the money.."
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