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DEI Reflect-A-Cool DEI Reflect-A-Cool Jeff - It works "I use it to keep the gas cooler with an oversized tank (clark) the expansion chamber is only about 1/2 inch from the tank this product does keep the gas cooler. However I remove and empty the tank after every weekend of riding and gas never sits in the tank when it's not being used. The adhesive (as you might expect) is becoming gooy it is still holding up and working properly just maybe a little floaty. I believe this would not be a issue in most other situations."
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DEI Reflect-A-Cool DEI Reflect-A-Cool Homeslice - Your mom's house Seems to work "This product is very thin but seems to work. I used this in conjuction with an exhaust wrap and haven't melted my side panel again. So far so good."
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