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Pro Taper Evo Handlebars - Oversize 1-1/8 Pro Taper Evo Handlebars - Oversize 1-1/8 Lash - Tipton, MI 49287, USA Better than bent "These replaced the OEM handle bars and are just as good"
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Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebars Pro Taper Fuzion Handlebars Speeddemon73 - Great Alternative to Twinwall's "In the past, I have ran Pro-Taper contour bars on most of my bikes. When I saw that Pro-Taper had released a bar similar to Renthal's twinwall bars I decided to try them. The ability to adjust the bars flex characters was interesting. I slapped a set of these in the Windham bend on my YZ450 and took to the track. At the beginning of the day when the rack is fresh and has no character, these bars perform the same as a fat bar in terms of flex character. However, later in the day when the ruts start to harden up and the braking bumps with hard edges form, these bars leave more to be desired. Over chop and braking bumps, these bars do give you quite a sting in the hands even with the cross bar unlocked. Where my contour bars would take out a little of the sting when the track roughens up, these bars do not. The twinwall bars I run on my other bike have better flex than these do. The Fuzion bars perform well and are competitive with the Twinwall bars, but if you want flex in your bars to help relieve some of the sting of the chop that forms mid day at the races, you would be better off with the Evo or Contour fat bars as they have better flex."
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