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Fastway Flak Shield Handguards Fastway Flak Shield Handguards KTMSquid - North dakot Does the job "A little disappointed with the stickers that come on the guards. First off they weren't straight, which being an engineer bothers the ...... out of me. They were bubbled also. Quick fix with some heat. Install was quick and easy. The slot for a starter wire/ kill switch wire is ingenious. Now it's tucked away safe and sound. Seems to be a better mounting system than other brands since the screws go in towards the front of the bike, instead of top down. No need to move perches or throttle cables to mount the guards. The bolt/nut Allen head are US Standard and not metric. Took a minute to figure out since it goes on a Dirtbike where everything is metric. But that means it's made here, USA which I support as well!"
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Polisport Integral Handguard Kit Polisport Integral Handguard Kit Mike - Johnson City, TN, USA Hand guards "Great product. Works well. Could use a little tweaking with the brake line, but overall looks and works great!"
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