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Cycra Pro Bend Side Triple Clamp Mount Cycra Pro Bend Side Triple Clamp Mount Pnut - Houston, TX, USA great fit "you will need longer bolts for these but the fit is great much better than the bar mounts."
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Fastway Flak Shield Handguards Fastway Flak Shield Handguards rdsspeedy - Saratoga Springs, UT, USA Looks Great, Works Great ...Until you crash!! "After several weeks of ripping around the Desert in St. George Utah, I found the Flak shield to work great. They look awesome on the bike and they deflect all that comes your way. I did find though that if you mount the hardware onto your bare handlebars and tighten them down that they have no give if/when you crash. This caused the bolts on my right side to strip out and rendered the flak shield useless. I local pro-rider I know gave me the advice to wrap some plumbers tape onto the bars prior to mounting the hardware for the Flak Shield so that they will give way when you crash and you can push them back into position. He says that prevents from stripping the bolts and ruining your hardware. He then showed me his Flak Shields on his bike and the plumbers tape under the mounting hardware!"
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