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Cycra Pro Bend Side Triple Clamp Mount Cycra Pro Bend Side Triple Clamp Mount ChrisG - San Francisco, CA, USA Worked a treat, KDX 220 with KX 250 forks "These work great on triple clamps with forward facing bolts. They mated up easily (will a bit of fiddling to get the bolt started in its thread) with my Cycra Pro Bend guards. I did have to buy longer bolts for the triple clamp so they'd reach all the way through the mounts to the threads."
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Cycra HCM Mount Cycra HCM Mount ChrisG - San Francisco, CA, USA Great solution, may interfere with your bar setup "These are nicely made, and work exactly as advertised. I put them on my KTM 450 EXC 2007 with a set of Cycra Pro Bend guards, it all came together easily. Some minor issues to be aware of though for this bike (and maybe others), the right one obstructs the ignition key, meaning I had to relocate my ignition, also the left one limits the rotation of my clutch master (brembo) as the end of the brake line hits it. This probably won't be an issue for most as it hits close to horizontal lever position and most folks, including me will usually have the lever rotated down for standing position. You could of course find an alternative brake line with a 90 degree banjo on the end to solve this if it was an issue. Finally, and this is why I didn't give it 5 stars, the bolts rust. Cycra seem to have this issue across all products. The bolts appear to be stainless, or at least coated, but they've already started to rust. It's just annoying to spend $70 on this and have rusty bolts."
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