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Cycra Pro Bend Abrasion Guards Cycra Pro Bend Abrasion Guards Shameless - Portland Replacements parts "I received my hand guards and they had black bumpers stoked for new colors"
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Acerbis Rally Pro Spoilers Acerbis Rally Pro Spoilers NickB - A little flimsy in my opinion "Forget about relying on the mounting screws that these come with...they are basically useless and I just used them to help keep the spoilers in place while the epoxy dried. I first installed these with the included mounting screws (which are very small btw). I didn't like the flimsy feel to the I backed the screws out....lightly sanded the backs of the spoilers and the front of the hand guards with 200 grit (only within the footprint of where the spoiler goes over the hand guard) to get the sheen off, I then gave both the back of the spoiler and the front of the hand guard a quick alcohol wipe, then applied some heavy duty 3M double sided tape, applied some heavy duty bonding epoxy, and then refastened the mounting screws pulling the assembly together. They now feel rigid and's been a month or so of riding and nothing has rattled off yet."
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